Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mean momma

Juno has completely rejected Elfine. Everything I've read says that it's very rare for a dam to disown a healthy kid after they've bonded... ain't it great to be special! Not sure what happened, everything was going beautifully until last Wednesday when Juno stopped letting her nurse. By Friday Elfie was getting flipped into the air anytime she went to momma for some love... so sad! Meanwhile Flora is just as spoiled as ever.

Luckily, this all coincided with a visit from Tim's parents so with Roger's help we were able to bust out a beautiful milk stand. Both babies are being taken off mom and put onto a bottle. What better motivation to train Juno for milking then two little fuzz faces waiting for breakfast.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Now that Archer is more dog than sprinting, barking & pooping disaster I can finally get back to blog life. Though the phrase "box of rocks" has entered our lexicon, he really has turned into the sweetest boy (and handsome to boot!).

Well, apparently Bling just wasn't Gypsy's type, but Juno must have liked him just fine ;) because our farm has gotten infinitely cuter by way of two itty bitty nan goats! Elfine (pictured) and Flora were born Monday afternoon and there are NO WORDS to describe how delightful they are.

We were under the impression that goats almost always give birth in the early morning, so imagine my shock when Tim rushed into the house as I was making dinner and announced "IT'S HAPPENING!" A panicked scramble of hand washing, boot finding, kidding kit gathering and rush to the barn only to discover he was wrong. It wasn't happening, it had happened. Nestled in the corner on clean straw were two dark silken wonders. Perfectly formed, perfectly sound, perfectly healthy... well, straight up PERFECT. We missed everything but dipping their cords in iodine and Juno expelling (and eating, which Tim "missed" by design:) the afterbirth. We did get to help them find the teat for the first time though and seeing how they rush up for love every time we enter the pen, I don't think they hold it against us.

Juno is a lovely and very attentive mother, while Gypsy is a less than enthusiastic auntie. Maybe she needs a little vacation? And what's a vacation without a love affair...