Sunday, August 15, 2010

hold tight and let go

I know nothing about goats. I am a beehaver not a beekeeper. There is nothing in the garden. I eat GMO potato chips. The walls of my house may owe their structural integrity to the piles of clutter stacked against them. The pond... oh, the pond. Why do I feel so overwhelmed today? If I could just spend a couple weeks really organizing all our CRAP, do a couple yard sales and freecycle the rest, it would make everything else easier. It just seems like after working all morning to make things not dead, then doing enough housework to make things not stink... I don't know.

Alright, enough whining. This little farm (as corny as it sounds) in my mind is a great big art project. The art of living simply, living well, by hand. It's going to be absolutely beautiful! Flowers & herbs in the front, vegetables at the side, fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes EVERYWHERE! The pond will be full of fish and lilies and very happy ducks. Healthy goats will frolic in their huge pen all while filling my life with fresh, sweet milk. The house! Organized and decorated.

Someday. I will know it because I will be serving lasagna made with duck egg noodles, goatmilk ricotta, garden vegetable and rabbit sausage on our new deck with a glass of mullberry wine (oh, and of course i'll be wearing a very smart 40's vintage dress of some kind, did i really have to say?). And on that day I will also eat all my leafy greens and have exercised. Soon.

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