Sunday, November 14, 2010


It's a nice quiet day here on the farm. A little too quiet. We have been goatless for over a week now, and it's getting old. Sure, it's been relaxing to let the ducks out in the morning and then make it back to bed before one side of my brain can find anything worth discussing with the other. And being able to shush the nagging feeling that something, somewhere must be grazed is liberating. I never knew how much work goats could be until I had them and am now without them. I had lumped them in with the ducks and housework and had little realized that two whirling dervishes on tiny hooves were claiming a lion's share of my attention. Still, they are the kind of work that makes other work flow... "I'll be out there anyway, might as well hang laundry." or "I should write now, because there'll be no chance to between the afternoon graze and dinner." But once one moment is squandered, it can feel so luxuriant to add another, so...

In celebration of our first anniversary in the new place, we tried to take advantage of the extra time and do a fall cleaning. We know how to party, huh? Our one thousand square foot house and five thousand square feet worth of sh..tuff has taken time to reconcile. Having moved many, many times in my life, I still smile as a space declared perfect and set aside for one purpose, slowly succombs to the tides of daily life. The room I sit in now is the quintessential example. It started as Tim's music room and place to store the television that was NOT to be plugged in! With one corner set aside for an exercise bike, MUCH USED of coarse, it was perfect. So, after three months of watching library dvds on a laptop, we plugged in the tv. It took another four months of sitting on the floor in front of said tv for a free Craigslist couch to usurp a wall of still boxed music gear. Just yesterday the computer, too, moved off the floor and onto a table where the dusty bike once stood. With a few more touch ups, this has become one of the most enjoyable rooms I've known. The best part is that with Tim's bass and amp so close at hand (yes, they made the cut), he actually plays once in a while.

When we got our goats (HA!) our relationship with them was clearly defined, we're starting a small herd to provide milk and some meat. Who knew they would become such good companions and friends, keeping us honest with our days? And here we go with the next chapter. Someone answered my Craigslist inquiry, an hours drive to east Raleigh and in roughly one-hundred and twenty honest days... new life. Sweet evolution at it's most modern.

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