Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter warmth

It looks like the Mac and I have worked through our differences and it's so nice to be back! If you've been fallowing us on Facebook most of this news will sound old hat, but so much has happened since my last real post.. Most obvious is our new puppy, Archer. New is the wrong word, seeing as neither Tim or I have raised a puppy before, we don't have any old puppy experience. While communication isn't always our strong suit, I'm still surprised this tidbit didn't come to light until Archy's third day home. Luckily the library had the entire forth season of The Dog Whisperererer on DVD, so we're pretty much experts now.

House training is going w... is happening, his fleas are gone and he's gaining weight like a newlywed. The cats have reacted better than I ever could have hoped, Great Pyrenees are notorious cat lovers and they must sense it. They stop short of actual interaction, content just to ignore him, while Archy wants to play SO bad! He'll follow them around until he gets swatted or hissed at and then he'll flop on the ground in utter despair. Mongo seems to be relenting.

After the duck went missing and a few fox sightings, a puppy was the only logical answer, really. I'm sure all the predators for miles around are living in a state of panic over this puppy sleeping in front of the heater.

In not as cute news: we have ordered twenty-one haritage turkey chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery to arrive the week of May tenth. Ok, they should be pretty cute. A full remodel of our kitchen is to start soon and will include a wood burning stove/oven. This will be the only means of cooking, heating and providing hot water for the house. It will also fuel the "crazy hippie" theory held by many. And finally, I'm starting school in February to learn nutritional and therapeutic cooking, culinary arts, sustainable kitchen practices and farm to table production. Hopefully there will be lots of turkey recipes..

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