Sunday, September 5, 2010

appalachia rip

Many a morning, I'm afraid, I've summoned the spirit of George Bailey when he said, "You call this a happy family, why do we have to have all these kids?"! The goats and ducks will start yelling for freedom or food at seven instead of eight and I drag my hungover self out of bed saying, "You call this the good life, why do we have to have all these beasts?!" Sadly, the one that awoke me this morning has never done so before.. and never will again. At the edge of consciousness I heard barking. I even thought that I should check it out, but there have been so many false alarms since the raccoon sighting and everyone was locked up, so back to my dream I drifted.

Then she screamed.

I can't tell you how sad I am. We bought Appal with the intent to start a meat rabbitry, but it was JUST OUR LUCK to end up with the funniest, sweetest, smartest rabbit that has ever been. The cursed hutch! I've known for a while that if she runs around in circles too many times the latch would come loose. Well, the neighbor's wolf hybrid escaped their yard and barked at her until she did just that. There is nothing like a rabbit scream, so we were out the door (luckily remembering my robe because it's still too hot for PJs) in time to see the dog take off around the pond. Appal was on the ground. Twisting. I held her as she faded, which may be more of a comfort to me than it was to her, who knows?

Yesterday. Yesterday was gorgeous and a good day for her, I hope. Tim had the goats so she came into their pen with me while I mucked. She was so funny! First she would hide behind the old tub, then run out like she was chasing something, do a little sideways flip and run back again. After a few rounds of this she streched out in the sunshine and dozed. She was an utter delight. We buried her under the willow oak by the pond, I think we'll plant some irises.

I love this picture, Sunday morning, Tim playing solitaire on his phone while Mongo and Appal try to get his attention. I'll miss that, I'll miss her.

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  1. When I saw the title, I thought it was a typo. I was excited to read about your Trip to Appalachia. Instead, I got a sad story and wish the other were true, which would mean the bunny was still okay. :(