Thursday, October 7, 2010

duck egg pasta

With the ducks providing between five and eight large eggs every morning, homemade pasta has become something of a life preserver, keeping us from drowning. So when I found out that my friend Kat (who's baby girl is named Eliza) had never seen My Fair Lady, I couldn't imagine a better time. Audry Hepburn, fresh pasta and baby holding.

Kat hadn't really made pasta before, and I wasn't much of a teacher. Luckily, with good common sense, she didn't have too much trouble beyond momentary dough mitts. I had planned on plain old jar marinara, but spying the pot of basil, Kat suggested pesto. AMAZING! Tim said it was the best yet. I said it was all Kat... he wisely shut up.

My Fair Lady is not a short movie. Little Eliza had a bottle and two naps in the time it took the other Eliza to learn proper English. After Higgins asked "Where the devil are my slippers?", I asked Kat what she thought of it. "She should have married Freddy, he wasn't trying to change her." Silly kitty Kat, NO, because Henry does love her, they're friends. Just because he treats her like crap... wait. I've been here before. The first time I saw it, I didn't think she should have gone back either until my mother explained.

Thanks Audry and Mom, for ruining my twenties.

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