Saturday, July 31, 2010


EGGS! eggseggseggseggseggs!!! Our ducks have made EGGS. Our ducks. eggs. They are about the size of a key lime (which are also coming in nicely) and the smaller of the two has a soft shell, but we are going to enjoy them. FREE EGGS! ducks + eight bags feed + 10,000 hours mucking poo = two FREE EGGS at $113 a piece.

This puts a fire under me to get the ducks and goats separated. Usually I let the ducks out of the pen while feeding everyone. The problem according to "Raising the Home Duck Flock" by Dave Holderread is that ducks lay most eggs in the late morning, so we've likely lost our first egg to the pond. This weekend: 1) goat pen 2) duck house window (light is very important). Done deal. EGGS!

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