Saturday, July 10, 2010

no worms for you!

I got my first comment! Hi Rachel of Dog Island Farm, your garden is gorgeous and good luck with those rabbits (I wish Tim would spontaneously build a kick ass hutch:). To answer your questions: Our girls are supposed to be nigerian dwarfs (but there is a fair share of pigmy in there) and I want to make the world's ooeyest, gooeyest stinky blue cheese.

We are rigging up some kind of rube goldberg milking stand for Daisy tomorrow. I caught her off gaurd yesterday, reached down and squeezed just like Carla Emery told me to. IT WORKED. Daisy was not amused, but to my surprised surprise, there it was... fresh, hot, beautiful goat milk. I am in love.

So, as for the worms... This morning, we drove past our usual Saturday happy happy joy joy, the Durham Farmer's Market, and on to Chapel Hill. Our reason for this was, of course, worms. I had been promised worms last Christmas and we finally found a guy that will sell worms sans bin. Off we go to the Chapel Hill FM and while MUCH smaller and in the mall parking lot, it wasn't half bad. They made an exeption to their "70 mile" rule and have a stand selling fresh NC seafood (get on that Durham!!!). Anyway, we are so powerful! that just by driving all the way out there, we made the worm guy disappear. According to the other proprietors he had never missed a market day before, but yeah, no worms for us! It wasn't a total bust though, we did get some beautiful shrimp. I'm thinking of doing some kind of Thai soup since I still have galangal root in the fridge... yum.

I'm trying my hand at wine making. I have all these stunning mullberries taking up room in my tiny freezer that need to go to a better place, like in my face! It's actually more of a mead, since mullberries alone aren't sweet enough to ferment the way I want them to (read: alcohol content). Finding those trees in the sideyard was the best surprise of spring. Even the ducks loved them, as evidenced by their bright purple poops! I'm using a recipe out of Ken Schrams book "The Compleat Meadmaker". A really fun read for anyone interested in home brewing or beekeeping!

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