Wednesday, July 28, 2010

geese heart boat

Craigslist strikes again! We have some new birds on the farm, two brown buff geese and two female rouen ducks. They still have their baby fluff, but are holding their own with the rest of the flock (the geese even get in on the goat feed, tough stuff!).

Thank you Hollis! We promise to take good care of your girls!!

It's been hot, unless it's raining, which makes it hard to shorten the MUST GET DONE YESTERDAY list. Includes: goat fence, duck house window, raised garden beds, worm box, well pump (trying! the jerks won't call back!!!), sell house in Boise so all mankind can celebrate a benevolent universe, build milk stand and catch up on netflix. uhg.

Tim came home with Randy's Pizza and beer the other night. We spent a lovely evening watching "The One Percent" (a documentary made by the heir of Johnson & Johnson about the gap between america's rich and everyone else... TWO THUMBS UP!!) and then went to bed. Imagine my surprise when I found a BOAT on top of the car the next morning!?! Bewilderment. Did someone come put a boat up there in the middle of the night? Why? After a second it dawned on me that Tim had gotten a boat and managed to keep it a secret for ten million hours.


Boat is amazing! We were hoping to make it to Falls Lake, but contented ourselves with paddling around the pond instead. Maybe next weekend. The geese like to follow us... maybe they have a bit of a crush? Makes sense, we're the only thing out there bigger than they are.

i have poison ivy again. look like a leper. no offence to lepers.

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